Falling Mirror: First Demo Session 1978, released 2nd February 2023

Nielen and Allan’s original collection of songs which would go on to appear on their iconic albums Zen Boulders (1979), The Storming of the Loft (1980), and Fantasy Kid (1981).


Released February 2, 2023

Lyrics and vocals by Nielen Mirror
Guitars and piano by Allan Faull
Recorded and Produced by Tully McCully
At Spaced-Out Sound Studios, Cape Town

Unreleased and previously unavailable material from the iconic South African Alternative band, Falling Mirror.

In memory of Allan Faull and Pat Humphreys.

Proceeds go to Nielen Mirror.

Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist Video

Very rare original video, created by Tully McCully, can now been seen on YouTube by kind permission of Tully McCully and Benjy Mudie.

Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist

Falling Mirror: Time – The Thief [Remix 2022]

Falling Mirror: Time – The Thief [Remix 2022]

New remix of a classic track. Time (is a thief) was the first track we recorded as Falling Mirror back in 1978. It brings back memories of me shouting instructions through the headphones (bars, stop, etc) as we recorded this altogether in one take.

In the wake of the recent passing of Patrick Humphreys and nearly 10 years after the loss of Allan, Nielen’s lyrics become ever more poignant.

Tully McCully, June 2022

Ex-Falling Mirror Drummer Pat Humphreys passes away

It is with great sadness that we share the sad news that Pat Humphreys has passed away.

Pat Humphreys
Pat Humphreys

Pat was the drummer for the legendary Cape Town band, Falling Mirror, alongside Allan Faull and Nielen Mirror, after beginning his association with them as a member of the pre-Falling Mirror band Wakeford Hart in 1970.

Pat then left that band for a few years, until, after a few different line-ups and band names, Allan and Nielen finally settled on the name Falling Mirror in 1978. Pat then re-joined the classic Falling Mirror line up in 1978 alongside Allan (guitar), Nielen (vocals), Pat (drums) and Tully McCully (bass) for their run of classic SA rock albums including ‘Zen Boulders’, ‘The Storming Of The Loft’ and ‘Fantasy Kid’.

On behalf of the South African Rock fraternity we pass on our condolences to the Humphreys family and all Pat’s friends and fellow musicians.

Falling Mirror, 2013: Harvey Cohen, Sharon Clifton, Nielen Marais, Patrick Humphreys, Allan Faull

Ons gesels met 80’s Rockgroep, Falling Mirror – Kwȇla | kykNET

Ons gesels met 80’s Rockgroep, Falling Mirror – Kwȇla | kykNET

Falling Mirror – Final Concert on 28th of September 2014

Falling Mirror

Bookings: www.barnyardtheatre.co.za or 021 914 8898, all tickets are R100

Allan Faull: Memorial Service – Mon, 14 Oct

Allan Faull

Allan Faull

Chapel Service:                                               

Bishops Memorial Chapel, Rondebosh @ 4pm (service will start around 4h10pm)


Memorial / Refreshments:  

Silwood Kitchen from 5.30pm

Silwood Road


Cape Town 7700
Tel: 021 686 4894


Monday, 14th October

Falling Mirror: From the streets to the stage

Falling Mirror: From the streets to the stage

Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist live 2013

Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist live 2013

TygerBurger – Falling Mirror’s lead guitarist (63) dies

Allan Faull

Allan Faull

Allan Faull, founding member and lead guitarist of the iconic SA rock band Falling Mirror, died on Tuesday 24 September after suffering a major heart attack in a Cape Town Studio, while recording the band’s new album.

Faull (63), an ex Bishops pupil from Rondebosch, is described as an incredibly humble, musical genius, with a lifelong passion for guitar.

He was responsible for writing all of the Falling Mirror music on their five 70s and 80s releases, together with his cousin and lead singer Nielen Mirror.

Read more at TygerBurger – Falling Mirror’s lead guitarist (63) dies.