Falling Mirror

Falling Mirror

It was with great fervour for a fiery rock ‘n’ roll show that our team left the rehearsal room of recently re-united ’80s rockers Falling Mirror, who many might remember from the radio hit ‘Johnny Calls the Chemist’. Having been a so-called ‘recording’ band whose musical knack has been swept to the gutter by South Africa’s historical powers that be — the confines of political preposterousness and the fatality of failing logistics combined with the artist’s doom of poetic lunacy — they never had their The-Beatles-at-Shea-Stadium-like breakthrough-performance moment. Yet since post-apartheid South Africa is able to rock in a free world, the sores of the past may be about to be atoned…

30-odd years after what should have been their heyday, Sam Hendrikse has made it his challenge to tame the high-spirited beast and get Nielen Mirror (vocals), Allan Faull (lead guitar), Patrick Humphries (drums), George den Das (Keyboards), Harvey Cohen (bass guitar) and recent line-up addition Sharon Clifton (guitar & vocals) to translate their frenzied energy onto a deserved stage — and shoot a documentary about the band’s new undertakings. After many failed attempts and the mad nature of Allan and his cousin Nielen — who until very recently was living under a tree — this has proven to be a rather ambitious task. Nonetheless, their mesmerizing mentality and musical ability was firmly felt after our hour-long conversation that inspired hysteric anticipation for their pivotal come back show on 28 April 2013 at the Barnyard Theatre, Willowbridge. Until then, you can get to know them and their new manager a bit better in the following excerpt of the interview, and, if you’re intrigued, watch out for an in-depth look at the band’s gripping history to be published soon.

Read more at FALLING MIRROR | THE VITAL ROCK ‘N’ ROLL REVIVAL | one small seed.

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